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Image by Hoi An Photographer

I saw Cally for some stress and anxiety issues relating to homeschooling my children, building my business, and finding balance in everyday life. She is really present and allowed me to have the space to work through the issues I was having. It has created more balance in my life. Here we are several weeks later and I feel more balanced and happy. My children are happier, and that just means the world to me. I want to say a huge thank you to Cally. You are brilliant and wonderful, and I will definitely book again.

Nicole L

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Cally is fantastic!
She helped me get through some old trauma from my parents' divorce that happened many years ago. She is so insightful. And I am so grateful because I could not have done this without her.
Thank you Cally, I appreciate everything you did.

Kimberly V

Image by Jared Rice

I cannot rave enough about Cally. I came to her because even though I worked out like a fiend, I was exhausted feeling weak and addicted to sugar despite my active lifestyle and I couldn't figure out why! The way she works is so subtle and the homework is so easy to follow that before I knew it I found myself easily turning down the cupcakes that I would have scarped down in 5 seconds and I have enough energy to get me through the day without having to lunch for a midday energy drink. The results of working with her are nothing short of amazing! Give her a call, she's also so fun and easy to talk to.

Chelsey A

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I sought Cally's help to overcome my association of pain to exercise. I have a lifetime of painful events associated with my right knee. These include many surgeries, culminating with a knee replacement. It has been many months since my knee replacement and yet I still have pain in my right knee. When I exercise on an elliptical exercise machine or stationary bike, after a few minutes, the attendant pain is too much and I stop exercising. My orthopedic surgeon assured me the pain was normal after a knee replacement and it would get better.
In only one session, Cally worked with me using guided meditation and mental imagery to infuse white light healing energy and warmth into my right knee. She suggested I continue to go within myself every time I experience knee pain and open myself up to receiving the healing energy and direct the energy to my right knee. Ever since my session with Cally, whenever I experience knee pain, I close my eyes and go within and illicit the healing energy and focus it on my right knee. The effect is as if I have applied capsaicin cream to my knee - making it feel warm and reducing the pain. I am now able to exercise for 30 minutes with minimal pain!
I highly recommend you seek Cally's help for any metal blocks you may be experiencing. You won't regret seeking her help.

Jim G

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Cally helped me break through some limiting beliefs that were holding me back in life and business. The session itself was amazing - She is very easy to talk to and helped guide me into finding the solutions I needed to overcome my anxiety.
I've noticed myself feeling much more confident in myself and my abilities to speak in front of groups and larger audiences.
If you are looking for a professional hypnotherapist, speak with Cally! She's amazing!

Lewis M

Mudra Meditation

Cally is remarkable. I’ve been in and out of therapy for years but have never really dug in to the root of my issues…UNTIL CALLY! I highly recommend her services!!

Eleanor C

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